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Sale of medical equipment

Sale of Medical Equipment

The Hilditch Group are the foremost auctioneers and asset managers to the health sector and the leading medical equipment resellers in Europe. Founded over 22 years ago we actively created a market for used medical equipment and convinced hospitals to sell assets, developing processes specific to the health sector.

Currently over 95% of all acute NHS Trusts use us on a regular basis to sell medical assets. Our clients include over 250 NHS Trusts, the majority of lease companies and the Spire, Ramsay and BMI Health Groups.

We hold a medical equipment sale once a month at our Malmesbury saleroom; the only regular medical equipment auction in the UK. As well as regular sales in Malmesbury, we also hold online sales via our website and sales on site anywhere in the country.

We offer a fully integrated disposal service to the health sector – click on this link to find out more.

We hold regular specialist medical sales within the following areas: Medical, pathology and laboratory, nursing home and mobility aids, ambulance equipment, imaging equipment, specialist veterinary, medical test equipment, dental equipment.

Medical Equipment and Healthcare Asset Sale Options

At the Hilditch Group we have been developing and refining our medical equipment and healthcare asset resale and asset management offering for over 22 years.  Whilst we have built our reputation as the leading medical auctioneers in Europe we have developed a number of sale options for different equipment, to maximise the value and returns for our vendors. For the majority of vendors the auction sale route works best, but we have a number of options available to you.

The process is characterised by close liaison with the vendor, and offering buyers as much information and assistance as possible through the process as possible to maximise sale values.

As the company responsible for developing the market for used medical devices in Europe and retaining overwhelming dominance of the market, we have a refined offering that offers your product the best exposure to market with over 12,000 active buyers, a website with interactive bidding and huge experience in the sale and remarketing of medical assets.

Sale Options


  • Sale via Auction or Private Treaty, with market valuations and reserves agreed where required.
  • Guaranteed Return – we guarantee the return you will see and sell by the best route.
  • Retail sale on behalf of our vendors with equipment guarantee.
  • Outright Purchase of Equipment with our unique “Profit Share” offering with complete transparency.

And we can now offer The Dealing Room  -  a new concept in high end sales of specialist equipment!

This is the Hilditch Group's bespoke selling service to Private and Corporate clients…

How does it work?

The Dealing Room offers high end sales direct to end users. Equipment is offered for sale having been presented to best effect to the market, which may involve refurbishment, servicing or repair if required so that the asset is most attractive and accessible to the market.

We are not dealers looking to maximise our profits, we are brokers working on your behalf to maximise the price to you, whilst also allowing corporate and private clients to purchase excellent quality used equipment from a reliable source.

As in any Dealing Room in the City, we make our money on commission, the more we sell something for on your behalf the more you receive the more we earn. But we also offer an excellent service for buyers as our low commission rates mean that the buyer is not paying for dealer profit. So both the buyer and the seller benefit.

Buying Used Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is built to very high standards and is designed to last many years. Second hand medical equipment can often be purchased at 10-15% of the original purchase price and gives access to high specification equipment for minimal investment. In addition, older equipment is often easier to maintain in harsher environments and is less reliant on consumables and expensive manufacturer support; and can be repaired at component level.

Where does the medical equipment we sell come from?

NHS hospitals, the majority of the private healthcare groups in the UK, major manufacturers and distributors, lease companies and finance houses.

What to look out for when buying used medical equipment

Buying second hand equipment is considered risky if you do not know the equipment, but if you buy with care you will purchase safely.While all items are “sold as seen” in our medical auctions and the buyer must satisfy themselves of the condition of the item, we describe any known faults and our engineers can issue basic condition reports on request and check any queries you may have (although all engineers reports remain their opinion).

Our Medical Engineering Department can conduct calibration, servicing and repairs of equipment if requested, prior to you collecting equipment you have purchased from our sales.

What is in our Medical Sales?

We sell the full range of medical equipment and our sales include: CT and MRI Scanners, mobile x-ray, c-arms, anaesthetic machines, ultrasound scanners, operating microscopes, stack systems, ventilators, patient couches,BP monitors, surgical instruments, endoscopes, microscopes, dialysis machines, incubators, defibs, monitoring systems, vaporisers, autoclaves and sterilizers, operating lights, operating tables, stainless steel instrument trolleys, syringe pumps and much more...

Help Sourcing Second Hand Equipment

If you have any queries on items in our sales we are happy to check and advise, although it always better to view equipment if possible. Our auctioneers and medical engineers have a wealth of experience of medical equipment and are always happy to share this.

If you are looking for specific items we can advise you when these come up, but if it is general medical equipment, the answer is in every sale!!!!

Medical Equipment Maintenance

We have our own Medical Engineering division - dedicated to all aspects of repairs and maintenance.

Spare Parts

A good source of spare parts and leads is vital, please contact us for details of suppliers.